THANK YOU: it has been such a pleasure to work with Coach Rachel, she is an amazing coach. Without her guidance, I never would have reached the starting line of my first ultra race. But it’s not about the race. It’s about the process, and I genuinely looked forward to her daily coaching. Coach Rachel held me accountable. She prepared me to endure the race, mentally, physically and emotionally. She was amazingly understanding with each curveball I threw at her through training. Coach Rachel took the time to get to know Linsey (my wife) and me, and the things that were important to us. And more than anything, she believed in me. I am grateful for her.

Jay S

I’m a life-long runner, but my running was starting to suffer under the constraints of work, and coming back from my second pregnancy. Rachel helped me take the guesswork out of what I should be doing each day so I could build fitness and reach my goals. Rachel has the skills, knowledge, and experience to hold the long-term vision and build plans I can follow, that fit my busy life. All I have to do is show up and do the work, and dream about the next big adventure.

Liz D

Working with Meghan as my running coach has been an absolute game-changer. Her meticulous attention to detail, from assessing my abilities to preventing injuries, has transformed my approach to running. Meghan’s dedication extends far beyond the track or trail. She’s a coach who stays impeccably informed about the latest research in ultra running, ensuring that her guidance is always cutting-edge and effective.

What truly sets Meghan apart is her genuine care for her athletes. She sees beyond just coaching, connecting on a human level and genuinely wanting success not only with running but in life. Her support goes beyond training plans; she invests in the personal growth and well-being of her athletes.

Meghan’s coaching style isn’t just about running faster or longer; it’s about holistic development. Her commitment to her athletes’ success is unparalleled. I’ve not only become a better runner under her guidance but a more balanced and fulfilled individual overall. Meghan is more than a coach; she’s a mentor, a friend, and a true advocate for her athletes’ success.

Johnny Glover

I had my sights set on Western States soon after being introduced to ultrarunning, but I didn’t know many people in the sport at the time. During my first year of ultras, I attended a Lake Sonoma training run, all the runners were carpooling to the start, and I ended up in the same car as Meghan. I attempted to make small talk, and assuming Western States would be a popular topic of conversation, I asked if she had run it. She replied that she had, and since I was so enthused that I was meeting someone who had run the race, I lacked the ability to read the room, so to speak, and asked the follow-up question, “how many times?” She humbly answered that she had run it 8 times. Unable to contain myself, I blurted out, “That is so lucky!” To which, she nodded and smiled. When I learned more about the Queen and all her accomplishments, I realized what a “foot-in-mouth” moment that was, but I was more struck by how gracious she was in not making me feel that way at all. Since that initial meeting, I looked up to and admired Meghan as an athlete and a person so when I became aware that she coached and had several coaching certifications, I knew she was the right coach to train me for Western States. Meghan took an individualized approach when creating my training plan, considering past successes, failures, and challenges, as well as current goals and priorities. My main goal was to get to the start line with confidence that I can get to the finish line and overcome whatever adversity I encounter along the way because of my training. Therefore, she challenged me in training like I had never been challenged before, but I realized that thought and consideration had been put into my plan and she wasn’t giving me anything that I couldn’t handle. She also worked with me very closely to tailor the plan based upon anything that came up to prevent injury while still making meaningful gains towards my goals. I can say, without the shadow of a doubt, that I showed up to that start line in the best shape I have ever been in, and with the confidence that I had all the tools to get to that finish line. Not even an unbeknownst COVID illness kept me from getting to that finish line because I had developed both the physical and mental endurance to achieve my multi-year goal thanks to Meghan and her coaching. I had such a positive experience that I plan to continue to work with Meghan for however many years it takes to get back to Western States.

Carolyn Lake

Working with Coach Meghan took me from a beginner runner struggling with 12 minute miles to a serious runner, getting my Boston qualifying marathon time, standing on the podium at races, completing ultras up to 100 km and continuing to achieve personal best after personal best.  Her focus on longevity in the sport, life balance and enjoyment, injury prevention and smart racing has been invaluable. She is a trusted partner, mentor and confidante that will prepare you for any race or adventure!

Melissa Frayer

Meghan helped me recover from injury while preparing for a busy race season.  After starting the year in a fracture boot, she helped me gain the strength, speed, and confidence needed to successfully race Tor des Géants, Bear 100 and Bighorn 100 this season.  She listened to my objectives, kept tabs on my workouts, and provided guidance on everything from daily workouts to nutrition.  She was always just an email or phone call away.  Thank you for your continued support and guidance Meghan!

Patrick Hayes

Work with the best; hire the Queen!  Before I asked Coach Meghan for her help, I’d DNF’d Western States, and was getting progressively slower.  When I got a second shot at the race (now in my 60s and six years after my first attempt), I put my trust in Coach Meghan. That was the best decision I could have made.  Thanks to Meghan, the race was an entirely different experience.  The climb to the escarpment, which had me gassed the first time, felt effortless, and I pushed the climb up Devil’s Thumb, where my race ended the first time, feeling strong.  Circling the track heading toward the finish line with my crew and the Coach was a joyful experience that I will never forget.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Meghan for making it happen.  She transformed my running.  I am now chasing PRs instead of cutoffs.  She even helped me lower my marathon time dramatically and got me a BQ with plenty of time to spare.   She is a professional with a heart of gold who cares about her athletes. Thank you Coach!

Rob Dell Angelo

My husband and I hired Meghan over three years ago to help us prepare for a 250k ultramarathon (having both only ever run a single marathon prior to working with her). I initially felt intimidated by the prospect of working with “The Queen” as a total novice runner, but she immediately put us both at ease. Meghan’s gentle approach, wealth of expertise, kindness, emotional support, humor, technical skill, and professional knowledge transformed us from total newbies into full fledged ultramarathon runners! We can’t imagine ever not working with Meghan – and have not only found an invaluable coach but a life long friend in “The Queen”. If you’re looking for a coach, general training guidance, or even just help in preparing for a particular race, look no further than Meghan Canfield!

Jules Cornelius & Dr. Darin Dobler

Meghan’s planning, guidance, and experience were instrumental in transforming me into a stronger runner, getting me to the finish line of my first 100 mile trail run! I highly recommend Coach Meghan! She will inspire you to reach for new goals while having fun along the way!

Dave Lent

After running marathons and ultras for several years, I had reached a plateau – and if anything, my performance and enjoyment was declining. Meghan changed that – her coaching really helped my running improve; including qualifying for and running Boston and getting my first podium finish in an ultra. Most important, I’m really loving running again.

Andrea Thorpe

Thanks to Coach Meghan I have achieved many of my goals that I thought weren’t possible. I started running in 2012 and in 2015 I found Coach Meghan. Without her guidance & expertise I would not have been able to achieve my goals this year (1st 50 miler, 1st 100k, 1st 100 miler).

Cheri Winter

Meghan has coached me through 5 marathons in two years, including PR’s in 5k, 10k, half, and full marathon in 2016. As a busy working mother and former couch potato, I need both flexibility and accountability. Meghan has really inspired me and motivated me every day to push myself more than I thought was possible.

Martha Stapels